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Buffy Naillon

when the raven speaks mockup.jpg

Choose a Size
They Look Better
When They're Bigger

The art print you’ve chosen is the small size 8.5" X 11" - pictured on the left.


To appreciate the incredible detail in my artwork, my prints always look better when a little bigger. Up close, they're a wonder to behold.

So... For a limited time, I'm offering this piece in an 18" X 24" size, pictured on the left.


You can choose an:

  • 18" X 24" print on museum-quality fine art paper for $25.00 (Retail price in my online shop: $40, a savings of $15)

  • 18" X 24 print on canvas for $75 (Retail price in my online shop: $100.00, a savings of $25)

I’m only offering this size at these prices for a limited time, and only on this page.


It’s worth knowing too, that taking me up on this incredible offer will also help support me as an independent artist. 

And more importantly, help bring the wonder of a grown-up version of one of your favorite characters into your life every day.


Please choose the size below.

Tell me where to send your FREE digital wallpapers for your phone and tablet!

Check your email for your goodies!

Enjoy a Secure Checkout
in my Etsy Shop

To ensure the security of your payment method and to give you the option to pay on installment for large orders, I use Etsy as a secure online shopping cart for all my orders.

You'll be taken to an order page for this order. To get the discounted price, be sure to use the special code above the checkout button.

I really appreciate your order!

Code: RaPaper

Code: RaCanvas

Code: RavenS

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